How To Download Google Allo APK?

Google Allo is a new app from Google which has become much popular after it’s release in the Android family. This app is also very much trending in Google Play Store which means if you search for Top Apps you could easily Google Allo in the list. So, What actually Google Allo do? This is just another simple and very attractive Instant Messenger which will help you to make your conversations more valuable, more interesting, more reliable and most importantly you can contact any person registered in your contact list. It is just like any other popular Instant Messenger such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Hike. Google has tried their best to make Google Allo as the simplest and best messenger of all time. The best part about this IM is the Instant reply back, stickers, Memes, and a lot more which makes the chat more interesting and longer than usual.

As this messenger belongs to Google and so as to make it unique, Google had made some great changes to it. In Google Allo App you get some additional features such as Google Assistant and Incognito Mode which makes the app more unique with a trust of Google’s Name fame.

Download Google Allo APK

Get Google Allo APK for Android

Google Allo can be downloaded and used in any device. It is currently available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Downloading on different Operating Systems involves different steps, but a way common to all downloads is that you can find Google Allo in any of the Play Store or App Store mentioned above. Either it is Android or iOS, you could get it easily for both of them. Unfortunately, Google Allo is not available in some of the countries as of now, but sooner it will be available to all the countries. But still, you can get Allo installed on your Android Smartphone using the steps given below. Before we go through the installation parts, let’s catch up some great features of this app.

What Makes Google Allo Unique?

1. Google Assistant: It is not smart like that Apple’s Siri but still it isn’t a bad start from Google. Soon the app will be updated, and there will be more accuracy of the answers. If you ask Google Assistant to perform any task, it will try completing it by doing a simple search through “Google Now” where most of the tasks fail, and it searches the same on Google Search Engine.

2. Instant Replies: Google Allo’s assistant works like a charm and you get Instant Replies. Sometimes it might also happen that the app answer’s anything beyond your expectations as most of the results of Allo is from Search. There is no need of any clue that it is an automated messaging system with preset answers to the questions asked.

3. Incognito: It is just another unique feature which an Instant Messaging application can have. It is just like a surprise for its user that now they can talk privately, and secretly without letting anyone know about it as the chat won’t be saved while you have incognito mode turned on.

4. Stickers: It is a necessary amenity for the users of this app. But in Google Allo, you would find unique, and new types of stickers which can quickly help you to express your feelings through the stickers only. These stickers are all new and unique. You would adore knowing more about them. Aren’t you? Then you must download Google Allo APK and test it out.

5. Fonts and Design: The layout and the design of the app is just fabulous and entirely attractive. It can attract a lot of users even with the available fonts styles. You can use any of the Fonts to make any chat interesting and beautiful. To check the available font style, download Google Allo APK using the tutorial given below.

How To Download Google Allo App APK?

Before you download Google Allo App, please make sure that you have enabled “Allow Installations from Unknown Sources.” If you haven’t allowed it yet and didn’t know how to do it, then you should follow the steps given to enable it.

Step 1: First, Open Settings then either open Privacy or Security whichever option is available on your Smartphone.

Step 2: Inside Security you will need to search for “Installations from Unknown Sources.” Once you find it, you will be required to double click on it. If you feel that it isn’t enabled yet, then you should Single Click on “Installations from Unknown Sources” and then click on allow option when a message prompts on the screen.

Once you have completed the above steps, then it means that you have successfully enabled Installing apps from unknown sources on your Android Smartphone.

Saving Google Allo APK on Your Smartphone

Step 1: First, if you’re from US, India, UK and other countries then you can undeviatingly go to Google Play Store to download Google Allo APK from the official website.

Step 2: If you’re unable to find any downloading link then you must click here to download the file directly.

Step 3: After you have finished downloading the file. You will need to navigate yourself to Downloads folder and find the downloaded APK file of Google Allo.

Step 4: Click on the APK to install it on your Smartphone.

Step 5: Once you successfully installed the app, make sure to setup your Google Allo before you can start using it. The basic things which Google Allo ask’s while Signup is your name, email, and mobile number for verification process.

Above we have written about the way to download Google Allo APK for those countries where the app isn’t available till now. If you face any issues while installing the app on your Android Mobile device, please make sure contacting us by commenting below.

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