How To Download Google Duo for Android?

Google Duo is a new video calling application and has become one of the top free Android App in the US just after it started progressing out. The Google Duo is launched in the whole globe as revealed by the Duo’s Technical Lead, Justin Uberti. This new video calling app is just weeks old that was released on August 16 where it took two days to broadcast globally. This application is designed in the simplest manner making it reliable and fresh so that you never miss a moment. So, what are you waiting for? Take your phone and download Google Duo for Android so you can enjoy the free app with its cool and fun video calling to your friends, families.

Download Google Duo

The all new Google Duo brings to you with unique features. To get started with Google Duo, you just have to add your phone number, and it will enable you to unite with people from your device contact list. This App is optimized for sparse networks and capable of switching to audio calling even if the connectivity is weak. The most exciting and good news is that the Google Duo is celebrating its yet another milestone as it has gained popularity within one week of its launch. And there were over 5 million users downloaded the App on Androids. The duo is made available for both Androids and iPhone users.

Features of Google Duo for Android

The astonishing features of the all new Google Duo for Android are as follows.

Easy interface: It helps you to pick a loved one and jump right in, with just a simple interface it brings video to the forefront.

Knock Knock: This is an amazing feature of Google Duo that allows you to see the caller before you answer the call with Duo’s live preview feature.

Duo’s High-quality video: Experience faster and more reliable video calls whether you’re on Wi-Fi or on-the-go.

Google Duo Cross-platform: This App allows you to video call to all your friends, colleagues, families, etc. across available for Android and iOS.

How To Get Started With Google Duo?

To get started with Duo is straightforward and easy. All you have to do is just follow the simple steps to get started with the all new one-to –one video calling free App that is intended to be fast, secure and simple. Overall, the video calling app is snappy and approachable that gives a satisfying bombshell.

  • Google Duo does not require Google account for usage.
  • You have to add your phone number, and you have to authorize the App by entering the code that Google will send via text message.
  • You also have to provide the App access to your contact list to let the App function.
  • The primary focus of Google Duo is to make a video calling with simple, easy and fast to start a call. You just have to tap on the call button on the screen to your contact list.
  • The people who have installed the App will appear at the top of the list one after another. You can also invite your friends via SMS or through Google Hangouts.
  • For a group video chatting, you can go for Google Hangouts or Skype as the App is designed for one-to-one communication.
  • Both Hangouts and Skype services support up to 10 participants. You can tap on the side button to mute your microphone and snap between your phone’s front- and rear-facing cameras.

Download Google Duo for Android

To download Google Duo for Android is easy, free and simple. All you have to do is to open the browser and visit Google Play Store. You can even open Google Play Store App. Now search for Google Duo App on the search criteria box. Then the App will appear. Next, select the App and Click on Install. Download of the App will be processed, and once the download is complete, you start using it. Isn’t that easy and simple!

So, this is all about the Google Duo’s features and its incredible means to stay connected. Just take your phone and start downloading the all-new video calling App for free so that you can be together with your friends, families, colleagues whichever corner you may be. It kept you closer and connected to everyone with just a simple, high-quality video calling App available for both iOS and Android devices. This Google Duo App is available for download on Google Play store.

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